Things I've learned from my first year in business as an entrepreneur and boss

One Year after My Business Launch

Today’s my one year anniversary of when I filed my business with the State of Arkansas. Today is the day when my business became the real deal and not just a thought I’d been having for months. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been running a business for a full year now! It’s one of those big hallmarks in owning a business and I am so delighted to be at this point.

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The Made Thing is going bilingual!

Une Crise de Blog, Une Crise de Vie

You’ll probably have noticed that I’ve essentially stopped blogging here, despite my many attempts to start at it again. It all comes down to one problem: not having a purpose to this blog!

I started this blog years ago as a way to express myself creatively at a time when I didn’t have the opportunity to do that otherwise. I was searching for a job right out of college and then dealing with having a job I really disliked. Over the years, I’ve learned and told countless other bloggers that purpose is the driving force behind blogging.

When there is no purpose, why are you doing it anymore? 

Things have dramatically changed in my life over the last few years.

I’m now a business owner and focus far too much on running my business, much to the detriment of other things I care about in life. I’ve definitely lost parts of me, my relationships, and even happiness because focusing too much on growing my business.

Almost any small business owner could certainly agree with these statements.

Running a business might be akin to having a child and lots of other business owners have told me this over the years. Since I’m not a mother, I don’t know. There are some similarities. But this is a business, not a living, breathing person.

Where does this leave The Made Thing?

I need to revisit and refocus on what’s important to me and create lines of division in my life between running my business and everything else. I need to leave work at work, even if that means leaving some things undone, as much as it may be hard to do.

The Made Thing needs to become a space where I keep myself accountable to enjoy life more and not let business take over my life. The original intent was to focus on making a life worth living, way back when I started this blog in 2010, and I’m reenvisioning that notion.

You’ll notice a number of changes coming down the lines as time goes on and I dedicate some time to The Made Thing again. Most notably:

  • This blog is going bilingual and will be written in French and English going forward. I speak the language fluently but I’m going to lose if it I don’t keep up with it.
  • I’ll be writing about things I enjoy doing, like reading books, drinking cocktails, and exploring cross cultural thoughts.
  • I’m going to revisit my roots as a French-loving New Englander living in the South. Yup, because that’s unique and really defines who I am—and it’s time I started to relive that.

I hope you stick around to see the changes I’ll be making and enjoy what’s to come!

My Favorite Exercise Apps in 2015

Must Have Fitness Apps for 2015

One of my big goals in 2015 is to be healthier and fitter. Sitting in front of a computer all day hasn’t helped much. All of this is  especially true now that I own my own business. I could stand to lose between 10 and 12 pounds over the next few months. And being the technology hound I am, I’ve turned to a handful of apps to help me along the way!

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