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Weekend Links For Saturday

What are you up to this weekend? We’re really hoping that our favorite TropicalSno will be open this weekend. They’ve had a “opening in late April” sign up—and you can’t really get much later than this! Favorite flavor? Pink Flamingo = pink lemonade + red raspberry. What’s yours?

On to the links!

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DIY Cork board tutorial for under $15 and 30 minutes!

Riveted Cork Board DIY

I’ve been slowly adding new things to my office, collecting things along the way and piecing together an office. Almost a month ago, I bought a really awful looking cork board with the intention of turning it into a useful place to gather together inspiration and nice things people say about my company. All it needed was a little makeover. In under 30 minutes, I put this beauty together!

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Learn about the French word Pif and useful phrases that use au pif an other french expressions!
French Words

Au Pif – French Vocabulaire

I have a big, very French nose. When I lived in France, people often thought I was French—that is until I started speaking. Then they were unsure where I was from. Possibly Switzerland. Maybe Belgium. But certainly not American. I just don’t look enough like a poster American girl!

One of the biggest problems with having a huge schnoz is that it just doesn’t fit into wine glasses easily, meaning I have to throw my head back in a very unladylike fashion to participate in that most French of daily routines.

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