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I hope you enjoy your weekend! Enjoy these links for your long weekend.

Um. Yes. Please. Russian Army Choir singing the theme from Skyfall. The historical ironic is funny.

Developing your personal brand is super important, especially for freelancers. We’re judged on what people can find out about us on Google and who they know connected to us.

Kirsten Chenoweth invited an audience member randomly to sing onstage with her at the Hollywood Bowl last week. And it went super viral. But did you know they also did it the second night with another audience member too? Hard to follow up the first night, if you ask me!

I knew about how to get ketchup to come out more easily but didn’t know the glass bottle was for marketing. ‘merica for the win (since we eat so dang much of it).

Is BP just full of assholes? Are are they playing it smart?

Some really awesome women you need to follow on Twitter. I was only following two. Can you guess which ones?

These are gorgeous but I’m still unsure. I’m just not a jello person.

On being famous. And getting girls.

Sad I miss this week on Twitter/Vine/Instagram! GE knows how to rock social media something hardcore.

Did you know you shouldn’t use all those ironic hipster tags on your website if you want good SEO? Also, I find it super annoying. So please, save the internet from bad website maintenance.

Super great read that I whole-heartedly agree with. I had a hard time with some of these in after I was promoted in my last job into a new department with a completely different culture.

Have you ever wondered why I don’t work for a newspaper, even though I have great research skills and can write about anything on demand? This is why.

Vine. Vine. Vine some more.

Norway is so awesome. Minus the nasty fish thing.

As someone who has lived in different areas, this is one interesting thing about food deserts in America. Can you imagine what that one grocery store in Utah is like?

Hope this starts your weekend right!

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