Dedicated to Boston

mandmAlthough I live and blog from Arkansas now, I’m a Massachusetts native and grew up in a small college town outside of Boston. I spent a good deal of time in the city growing up, exploring museum and neighborhoods like most kids from outside of Boston do. During a summer in college I lived in a rented room in an old Tudor house and tromped around the city in the off time from my first “real” job as an intern for a publishing house.

All of these memories have been in my thoughts lately, especially ones surrounding time spent with my family exploring the world as a child. This week might also be the last for my Grandpa, who is in the final stages of life. Needless to say, I’ve been really homesick for my native state.

When I first moved to Arkansas, all I wanted was to go home to Boston and live a cosmopolitan life in the city in a tiny apartment. I was homesick constantly and talked constantly about how great Boston and Massachusetts is to the point of completely annoying all the other students I interacted with. I gained a pretty raw nickname for it too but I was proud for it. You see, us Bostonians have a huge problem with an overwhelming sense of pride in our city. No matter how much trash talking you send our way, we live in the fervor we have for our Boston.

During my summer of living near Boston, my mom and I met up one day in the city for lunch and a jaunt before heading to our beach house for the weekend. We ate at a Thai restaurant that is now the bombing site of the first explosion. We walked down Boylston to where some people were giving out samples of a new ice cream in the shape of a M&M. This photo was in that area. It’s horrible that years later, the events that occurred happened in the same spot we had such a wonderful day. That the same fences here would be thrown out of the way for emergency crews to treat victims.

While I don’t live there anymore and don’t anticipate moving back, part of my heart will always be dedicated to Boston. I love you, Boston. Even if you’re just a city.

(And I’m not alone.)

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  • Reply nicole chandler April 19, 2013 at 7:29 pm

    This brought tears of joy and I rarely cry—ask Joe. I remember you being “that girl from MA” in college and seeing that reference made me laugh. From my first visit in 2005, to living and working in 2009 to moving in 2011, I’ve taken immense pride in being a Bostonian and a Dot Rat. I walk down Boylston all the time from my City Year days doing PT in Copley Square to walking from the library to the Pru. That walk will never be the same. Boston will always have a place for you. Thanks for writing this post!

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