Warm Weather, for a time

Lately weekends at our house are spent both working and playing, sometimes just with each other and sometimes with two computers on our laps. Both of us are juggling work obligations and personal growth goals that take up more time than we’d like. We know investing this time now will make big changes down the road but sometimes we just want to stay curled up in bed with a good story to read aloud. Who can blame us?
The pressure, of course, is on then to make the fullest of our moments together. Of course, whenever you add pressure to make things perfect, they never are. Two weekends ago was pretty much a disaster. The restaurant we drove a ways to try had shut down recently, a brewery experience turned out awkward (and expensive) as all get out, and things just weren’t going our way.
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When I lived in France, my best friend and I would say “C’est pas grave, C’est la France!” No matter what troubles came our way, we were still having a once in a lifetime experience in France. We’d both dreamed for years of living there and, finally, we were there! We decided that all the experiences, good and bad, were part of the package. We knew we’d laugh about the terrible times later so we made a pact to let them go and just keep on enjoying it. If either one of us got down or started to focus on the bad, the other would urge to see the opportunity for what it was. And guess what, we do laugh about those times now.
I really try to remember this while my boyfriend and I are running around on Saturdays and Sundays, trying to make the most of it. This time when we’re both young and our only responsibilities are the ones we take on ourselves by choice isn’t going to last forever. So sometimes it really is just better to grab a beer, head out  into our yard, and sit in the sun together, sans cellphone, laptop, or to do list.
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  • Reply Jess @ Sweet Athena January 31, 2013 at 12:16 am

    That is a great phrase to keep things in perspective!!! Even if you aren’t in France anymore the idea can still work for moments today.

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