Dispatch from the Field

Sorry for the radio silence, folks.

Oklahoma Morning

There is little like the sun in Oklahoma. Warm and soft in the morning.

Oklahoma Wood

Then quickly harsh, revealing all the smallest details to the world. Oh, and causing some pretty nasty sunburns, even in December.

Friday we found out that my boyfriend’s Great Grandmother passed so we traveled down to Oklahoma for the funeral and to visit with family. On my family’s side, my Grandpa was diagnosed with a large cancer mass in his colon and on his kidneys and liver. We’re still waiting to find out all the information to decide on how to handle it. Any prayers you want to send his way are more than welcome.

These photos are with my new toy, a Rebel T3. About a month ago, someone tweeted what my dream wish list is for Christmas and I said a DSLR and a Macbook Pro. Guess what? I’ve got both coming to me. I’m a super blessed blogger with a load of people behind me who support me. I couldn’t be more thankful for my family who rallies behind me, even when my ideas might be a bit crazy.

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  • Reply gina December 19, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    Sending hugs and good thoughts your way for all the bad news!

    And- who do I tweet my wishlist to? Holy moly! Enjoy :) You’re an awesome blogger and all those crazy ideas are going to take you places, girl!

  • Reply Kim December 19, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    Thanks for the good thoughts!

    I think it was Stephanie McCratic who polled people about it via tweet, but I really can’t remember!

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