I had an epic weekend! My mom was visiting from Massachusetts and we enjoyed a Razorback Football game, a Flaming Lips concert, an early mini Thanksgiving dinner, and some time spent in the woods. I’m exhausted but am excited to see tonight’s results.

Voting Rights in Arkansas

Today, I know you’re going to vote (right?!). However, please know your voting rights!

Here in Arkansas you must provide a form of ID the very first time you vote ONLY. They are required to ask for it but you do not have to provide it after the first time you vote. If you don’t provide it the first time you vote, you will be allowed to vote provisionally but you ballot will not be counted. Valid forms of ID include your license, a utility bill with your name, mail from the government with your name on it, or basically any other thing with your name on it from an official entity. I used my pay stub the first time I voted.

If you are given any trouble at all about voting and need help, the Democratic Part of Arkansas has a Boiler Room of lawyers who are there to help resolve any issues you have when going to vote. You can reach them by calling the any of the above numbers. 
Poll workers are just regular folks so sometimes they don’t understand all the rules. Voting regulations are very complicated. In worst case scenarios, they are purposefully making it hard for people to vote so their specific candidate or party wins. But most poll workers are pretty nice folks and are there because they want everyone to vote.
Here’s a great StoryCorps that made me cry about being a poll worker. Having done it myself once, it’s a feat to have done it for such a long time. The infographic is courtesy of Greg Leding, who is running to represent Fayetteville!
Go vote!
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    Good info :) I’m sol glad the election is over – nerve racking – ready to move “Forward” Love your blog!

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