How to Make a To Do List

Life has a way of getting us off kilter really quickly, especially when it throws unexpected things our paths. Sundays, I clean my makeup brushes, (try to) do laundry, clean up any stray dishes around the house that have wandered, clean off the dining room table and light a nice smelling candle to relax. I make a to do list while enjoying said candle so I don’t forget anything I need to do in the upcoming days. 
To Do lists are funny things. They can be tremendously complex, with hierarchy orders based on productivity books, or simple, with just the first things that pop into your head in whatever random order.
I am obviously of the latter list making variety. I’m not an overly organized person and often fall into a messy piles of disarray. But it works for me, even if I neglect things I dislike sometimes in my personal life and it may take me a while to get to those things. Work, of course, is always doing things you dislike, at least jobs like mine, so I see my private life as the place where I do the things I enjoy. Very childish, selfish thinking but it makes me happier. However, this means it takes me a month to buy new tires and every time I hit a pothole I think, “I should really get new tires. Tomorrow.”.
But whatever floats your boat, if you’re like me, you like your list the way you like it, have really specific requirements about paper size, weight, and texture, and love using colorful pens to color code everything. Office products are my joy and was my love in France. They have so many fun products we just don’t use because we’re such a technological country (hello, disappearing ink pens). France is very pen on paper and I loved every second of it. It met my slow-enough-to-savor-it-do-it-because-you-love-it approach to life.
In the US, I struggle to find what I like. It’s a constant battle. I never keep a planner for long, usually tossing it  by the wayside after a few months. And I’ve never found a satisfying to do list. Scraps of paper do it but it’s just not as fun.
After some fiddling, I’ve made one the perfect size for me via some directions found on Pinterest and some fancy footwork in Pixlr.
Here’s my template. You can print four to a page. Use it to make your to do  list for the week. I, thankfully, have tomorrow off so I’m got a pretty long one. I’ll be buying those tires. I swear.
To Do Printable
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