Arkansas Primary Election Today!

You know when you were in high school and got the “you can’t complain if you don’t  vote” lecture? Today’s the day!

Not sure where you’re supposed to go or if you can vote today? Go check out this awesome service by the Arkansas Secretary of State to see what districts you’re in, where your polling place is, and see a sample ballot.

In Arkansas, you are required to show some form of ID (but not photo! A water bill in your name will do, along with pretty much any other government document with your name on it) the very first time you vote but after that, you are not required to show anything. They are required to ask for a photo ID by law but you only need to know your name, address, and birth date to vote.

Today is the primary election along with a special ballot initiative for a sales tax increase of .25% for regional transit services (Only Ozark Regional Transit as Razorback Transit has bowed out of the ballot initiative). Here’s a study prepared by lots of notable people in the region and an supportive article about transportation costs in NWA that might be good to read to understand what this ballot initiative will means for our community.

I’m not advocating voting for or against the initiative but just that you need to be informed about the issues before you cast your ballot. If you know of any resources arguing against it, please comment a link because couldn’t find any articles or websites against the increase but I’m sure there’s some out there! Arguments against the initiative include things such as that it shouldn’t be a regressive tax (sales taxes impact the poor more heavily than the rich, hurting the people the initiative is supposed to support), opposition to government control of transit services, and even increased cost of living. Mull the question over and see what you think. Do the math out and find out how much it would monetarily affect you (for our household it’s around $2 a month).

Most of all, vote how you think is best not how someone told you to vote.  

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