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A stressful weekend is over and I’m happy to not be so worrisome for the time being. I’m ready to take a deep breath and enjoy the upcoming wonderful weather!

I did try a new makeup technique I’ve been hearing about for natural looking eye liner and I love it. It’s called “tight-lining.” Instead of the liner sitting above the lashes and being super obvious, especially for those of us who have no skills at lining (like me!), it’s between the lashes and adds depth.

I don’t wear make up often and when I do it’s usually just in my eye area and some loose powder all over. I hate the feeling of it on my skin and my skin hates it. I have exceptionally sensitive skin that reacts to even the most gentle formulas. It doesn’t even like plain water and I come out of the shower red faced!

As well, I really dislike the powder-cake look with really obvious makeup to make one look magazine perfect. We have flaws and we need to learn to embrace those that we can’t change and can’t cover up.

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