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Hey! I hope you had a great week. The Boy is finally on summer vacation from Law School! This weekend, I plan on spending a lot of time with him being irresponsible. By that I mean flying a kite, watching tv in our undies, and lally-gagging around. Adult life is too stressful sometimes and we need to bail out! I’m starting my weekend off with my bi-weekly payday dinner out with girls from work. We haven’t been able to do it in a number of weeks with the whole gang so it should be fun! What are you doing this weekend?
Check out this guide to a mini makeover from Already Pretty. I am going to take this on really soon. Maybe we should do it together? Any takers? I think $5 for a makeover is an awesome steal!
Vanilla Cupcakes for two? Yes, Please! I made these the other night for a sweet tooth pick-me-up and they were terribly sweet and vanilla-y. I was enthralled. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon! 
For all your blogger users out there, check out these tips from a mama in Springdale, AR! It’s so cool to know other bloggers in the area, especially ones so fab as her. She’s got all sorts of interesting tutorials out there so go check out her blog, even if you’re not a blogger/blogger user!
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    I’m Planning on watching drop dead diva with a friend of mine

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