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Entry Level Fine Jewelry Rings

After getting engaged and working with a local jeweler to do some SEO work, I’ve really started to appreciate fine jewelry. Wearing my engagement ring everyday has really made me realize how much jewelry can add to an outfit! And how much I miss wearing my ring when I forget it. (Though, I’ll admit, it can certainly take a while for me to realize I’ve left it at home.)

Sure, cheap pieces you buy for a song at big box stores are fun but they tarnish so quickly and only last so long. I won’t even go into how many necklaces I’ve had just fall apart after a few wears.

Boss gals, we deserve better than falling apart pieces. We need to look put together and I don’t know about you but tarnished jewelry with pieces missing you’ve been meaning to replace that are sitting in a box at home don’t do you any favors.

I’ve rounded up a couple of rings that are very entry level when it comes to fine jewelry, some on very good sale.

affordable entry level fine jewelry

gorjana Lido Stackable Ring in 18K Gold

Lump American Made Ring

Lumo 14K Gold Knot Ring (American made!)

Affordable 18K gold ring

Jennifer Zeuner Bridgette Ring in 18k Gold


Affordable diamond ring

David Yurman Sterline Silver with Pave Diamonds

Entrepreneur Fashion

Blanket Scarves are Just An Excuse to Wear a Mobile Blanket

Can you wear a blanket scarf to the office?Blanket scarves and tartan scarves are definitely a trend this fall and I have a feeling it will stick around through the winter. Why? Because a blanket scarf is just an excuse to wear a blanket as part of your outfit.

I’m clearly not a big fan of the belted scarf look. (It’s a scarf, not a top?)

Don’t lie, wearing a blanket as clothing sounds pretty good on a Wednesday when it feels like it should be a Friday. But can blanket scarves not look, you know, like you’re wearing a blanket?

Can you wear a blanket scarf to the office? Yes and no. As almost all things, it depends on how you wear it. Most outfits with blanket scarves this season are with simple tops, cardigans, and ripped jeans.

Not really client meeting appropriate if your’e shooting to be taken seriously. I’d also say to avoid really bulky scarves and go for thinner materials than something very very chunky.

How to wear a blanket scarf in the office

As always, here’s some examples of how to wear a blanket scarf that are on point!

Instead of doing the conventional way of wearing a blanket scarf with the point on your chest, try draping it over your shoulders like this.
This gal’s outfit is everywhere so it took me a while to find the original source. Clearly, this blanket scarf look is a hit!
If you must wear jeans, try this look from Stephanie.

Looking for the perfect blanket scarf for the office? I’d go with this one from Express. Plus it’s BOGO 50% today!

Entrepreneur Fashion

Flares are Back! Here’s how to wear them for the office.

I pulled out some flared jeans I’ve been working to fit back into since launching my company. I’m so excited that flares are back in style right now! That dreaded launch weight gain? Is that a thing? Because I think it is.

But are flares appropriate for the office? Absolutely, if you’re in the entrepreneur world! Of course, we want to look put together and professional, even if we’re a bit more laid back.

Rules for Wearing Flare Jeans in the Office

  1. Stick with paired down, sophisticated versions of the classic. No giant bell bottoms, please. Let’s skip the 1970s fashion plate look, k?
  2. Dark wash flares without fading or distressing are more put together.
  3. Pair with sleek and professional shoes, a simple top and a blazer or cardigan.
  4. Wide cuffs also tend to give a more polished look.
  5. Avoid puddles of jeans and hem for either a full-break or skimming just above the floor.
Free People ‘Gummy’ Mid Rise Flare Jeans
Madewell Flea Market High-Rise Flared Jeans

J Brand The Doll High Waist Bell Bottom Jeans

Ideas on how to wear flare jeans while looking professional & put together:

With a bright blazer from Cheetah is the New Black
With a statement tee from Kendi Everyday
With statement jewelry and a simple top from BarbieLaura
With a peplum and cardigan from Northeast Girl

Entrepreneur Fashion

Monday Finds: Cross Strap Booties

Kylie Boots Booties from Kroger Cross Strap Ankle I recently purchased these gorgeous and affordable cross strap booties at, you’d never believe it, Kroger. Yes, really! The same place I buy my milk that recently changed from home goods to clothing.

I really have fallen in love with the chunky heel and brown but somehow grey tone of the shoe. (This picture is a bit more brown than it is in real life). I wore these pretty much all weekend, from coffee dates to a football game to dinner out. Very versatile, comfortable, and affordable.

Unfortunately, they’re not available for purchase online (boo!) and there is limited stock left at the Kroger here in Conway.

I’ve rounded up a couple of office-appropriate bootie picks in a similar style in case you’re looking for some booties that are a bit edgy but put together enough for the startup office.

Which brings me to a new trend in the life of The Made Thing! I’ll be sharing fashion picks for entrepreneurs and startups on this blog in the future.

There are great corporate style blogs out there that touch on great fashion picks for the suit-and-tie style office, like Corporette and Capitol Hill Style, but not anything really dedicated to the entrepreneur who wants to be fashionable! I’ll be sharing my picks as often as I can plus other fun entrepreneur life things, excluding SEO & blogging advice, which lives over here. If you want Conway related articles, all that lives here now.

On to the picks!

In other reading news, Social Media is Not Real Life – And it’s not a problem, at least according to The Everygirl. Discuss?