Easter Dress: Outfit Post

By April 17, 2014 Style
Happy Easter Dress Outfit

When I was little, I always forced my mom to let me wear Easter dresses. And gloves. Even a cute hat! Oh, how much I loved that hat. I wore it all the time, not just at Easter. It’s no surprise that I love Easter dresses to this day and when I spotted this gorgeous flowery number at Dillard’s a few years ago I picked it up immediately.

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Tricks for the Best Deviled Eggs

By April 16, 2014 Food
How to Make Perfect Deviled Eggs

Easter in the South means deviled eggs. I’m a sucker for deviled eggs, even though I grew up well north of the Mason Dixon line. But did you know there are a lot of tricks to get the perfect eggs? It’s more than just using old eggs (you already knew that, didn’t you?).

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The Bard’s Cards Interview and Giveaway

By April 15, 2014 Books, Home
An interview with The Bard's Cards

Let’s play a game. Can you name the writer?

  1. “If music be the food of love, play on.”
  2. “Why, then the world’s mine oyster.”
  3. “With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.”

If you answered Shakespeare, congrats! You paid attention in English class. Now, can you name the plays? I know someone who can. Susan, a college English course classmate, has taken Shakespeare’s famous lines and paired them with adorable animal drawings from her husband, Sam, and released a beautiful line of cards. I interviewed Susan about their business, The Bard’s Cards, to find out where they found the inspiration for such a cute and fun line of greeting cards. Be sure to enter the giveaway at the end too!

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The Daily Friend Email

By April 14, 2014 Life
The Daily Friend Email

How many people will you meet during your lifetime? One author concluded that it was 100,000. I’m willing to bet that in today’s modern internet age, we interact with far more than that in our lifetime. But did you know that you will have only lived around 32,000 days if you make it to 90 years old? On average, you probably meet three new people a day. Some of those people you will never meet ever again in your life but for a select few, they’ll be in and out of your life for a long time.

Staying in touch with friends might feel like a numbers game. They say that to maintain a friendship you need to interact with each other every 14 days for it to feel like a close friendship. If you have 14 friends, that means you need to connect on a meaningful level with at least one of them every day. Are you doing that?


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