How to Style a Bright Dress

There’s no denying that I absolutely adore wearing dresses! I pulled out this bright dress that I bought around 9 years ago when I first moved to Arkansas. It was so unbelievably hot for me when I first moved here so I sought out a few light cotton dresses to survive.

These days, it’s much easier for me to handle Arkansas’ high temps so I hardly wear this dress. This dress is unbelievably loud and screams for attention because of the cut and color so it doesn’t feel like an everyday dress, though it easily could be. There aren’t many dresses like this out there!

Bright Sumer Dress

The trick to wearing a bright, loud dress is to own it. The dress is going to attract attention so you need to be comfortable in it! If you don’t like how it looks on you or it doesn’t fit in a way you love, you’re probably not going to look great in it.

So pop out that hip and smile, girl, ’cause you fine.

How to Style  a Bright Summer Dress

Styling bright dresses like this one often calls for pretty simple accessories with clean lines. That doesn’t mean you can’t play with other bright colors though! The designs and colors just need to not be too crazy. After all, your styled bright dress is the center of this look so let it shine.

I added these simple but eye-catching blue cork wedges with a peep toe, perfect to pair with this flowy summer dress.

Style a Bright Dress

This dress called for beach babe hair! It really reminds me of Mexican prints and island vacations. I grabbed my favorite sea salt spray and scrunched away.

Wearing a bright dress

I kept my other accessories simple as well, with floral patterned aviator sunglasses and a necklace that’s been passed through my family. Rumor is that the necklace came from India or somewhere in the Pacific from an uncle who sailed around the world when he was younger. (I have another matching one that the strand broke and I really need to fix!)

how to wear a bright dress

So throw on that bright dress, toss on your shades, and strut your stuff. Own it!

Same silhouette in bright orange – $38
Drop Waist Sheath in Fuchsia – $50

Similiar color and style in t-strap wedge – $60
Almost exact in navy or coral – on sale $70-40

Multi-Strand Rope in Burnt Orange – $37
Closest match – $319

Exact – $13


Bright End-of-Summer Jewelry Picks

Summer is almost over, y’all! But that doesn’t mean that bright summer style needs to take a back set when we start to pull out those cardigans. (Who am I kidding, it’s going to be hot as hades in the South for at least another three months).

I really love bright statement jewelry and think it’s a great part of a wardrobe of any season, not just the end of summer! Here are some of my favorite picks for bright, fun jewelry right now.

Bright pink statement necklace


On sale for $39

Teal beaded necklace



Turquoise earrings from Kate Spade


Glitter Kate Spade Earrings


Aren’t those glitter earrings delicious? If only I had my ears pierced…

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