My Favorite Exercise Apps in 2015

Must Have Fitness Apps for 2015

One of my big goals in 2015 is to be healthier and fitter. Sitting in front of a computer all day hasn’t helped much. All of this is  especially true now that I own my own business. I could stand to lose between 10 and 12 pounds over the next few months. And being the technology hound I am, I’ve turned to a handful of apps to help me along the way!

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Make Bad Art Party Idea

I took painting lessons from a crazy old hippie artist all though high school. I haven’t painted in years though. It’s probably because I focus too much on what I can’t do with my skills rather than what I can do. But there’s a new idea that might be just want I need to get started again or to help you try painting while having fun with friends.

One of the things I loved the most in my art classes was what Mr. Phaneuf called Friday paintings. To save money on paints, we’d put plastic wrap on our acrylic paints. But on Fridays, we’d go crazy and use up all the paint on our palettes. It never lasted through the weekend and would be a glop of hard paint if we didn’t.

In those Friday moments, our “internal editors” shut off and it was pretty soothing to just smash the colors on whatever was handy.

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Orange Chocolate Macarons that taste like the orange flavor chocolates you smash at Christmas time! Get the recipe on

Orange Chocolate Macarons

There’s a certain point in your life where you just buy the things you want instead of waiting for the end of the year—and that means your family has no idea what to get you. So mine ends up getting my lots of chocolate, including a chocolate orange or two. You know the kind you smash open inside of the foil and it separates into slices?

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Tacos 4 Life in Conway, Arkansas
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Tacos 4 Life: A Taco You Don’t Want to Miss

For a long time, there were only three kinds of tacos in my life.

Growing up in New England, the first tacos I ever ate were made at home with El Paso taco seasoning packets topped with huge dollops of sour cream and shredded cheese. My idea of an amazing taco came from Taco Bell in the 10 soft taco party pack I’d share with my brother at the Mall after watching a movie. I had no idea, for most of my life, that other kinds of tacos, unladen with that commercialized taste of seasoning, existed.

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